Question: What’S The Opposite Of Hostile?

What is the antonym of hostility?

What is the opposite of hostility?amityfriendlinessagreeablenessbenevolencefriendshipgentlenesshappinesskindnesslikeliking65 more rows.

What is a hostile attitude?

2. Hostile, inimical indicate that which characterizes an enemy or something injurious to one’s interests. Hostile applies to the spirit, attitude, or action of an enemy: They showed a hostile and menacing attitude.

What causes hostility?

Reasons for unwarranted confrontational and hostile behavior are many and often complex. Causes may include and are not limited to pathological anger, hyper-aggression, pathological bullying, narcissistic rage, post-traumatic stress disorder, brain trauma, substance abuse, and life crisis.

What’s another word for hostility?

Some common synonyms of hostility are animosity, animus, antagonism, antipathy, enmity, and rancor. While all these words mean “deep-seated dislike or ill will,” hostility suggests an enmity showing itself in attacks or aggression.

What does cumbersome mean?

1 : unwieldy because of heaviness and bulk a cumbersome package. 2 : slow-moving : ponderous cumbersome administrative procedures. 3 dialect : burdensome, troublesome.

What is the opposite hostile?

What is the opposite of hostile?friendlyhospitableobligingamicablecommunicativecompanionablecongenialcordialeasygoinggenial187 more rows

What is the synonym and antonym of hostile?

unpeaceful antagonistic aggressive dirty antipathetical head-on violent opponent unfriendly hateful opposing antipathetic at loggerheads offensive ill bitter inimical belligerent. Antonyms. defensive peaceful amicable nonviolent unaggressive lovable friendly.

How would you describe a hostile person?

If you are hostile to another person or an idea, you disagree with them or disapprove of them, often showing this in your behavior. … Someone who is hostile is unfriendly and aggressive. Being competitive can lead you into becoming increasingly aggressive and hostile in your interaction with others.

How can we end hostility?

How can I cope up with my feelings of anger and hostility?Do not starve your emotional life. … Learn to be a good listener. … Do not try to talk over somebody. … Avoid aggressive or passive behavior. … Avoid excessive stress in your life as best you can by avoiding excessive work hours, poor nutrition, and inadequate rest. … Avoid stimulants like caffeine and nicotine.More items…

What does envied mean?

1. a feeling of resentful discontent, begrudging admiration, or covetousness with regard to another’s advantages, possessions, or attainments; desire for something possessed by another. 2. an object of envious feeling: She was the envy of all her classmates. 3.

What does Hostile mean in English?

1a : of or relating to an enemy hostile fire. b : marked by malevolence : having or showing unfriendly feelings a hostile act.

What is the best antonym for hostile?

opposites of hostileagreeable.aiding.favorable.friendly.good.helpful.helping.hospitable.More items…