Question: What Is The Most Critical Condition Of Slide Of The U S Slope?

How do you overcome slope failure?

Below are some of the common methods used for slope failure mitigation and repair:Drainage.

Contractors who know what they’re doing will always draw up drainage plans to complement their slope repair plans.

Terracing & Benching.

Retaining Walls.

Friction Piles.

Sheet Piling.

Rock Bolts.


Geo-grid.More items…•.

Can a gravity dam collapse?

Failure of gravity dam occurs due to overturning, sliding, tension and compression. A gravity dam is designed in such a way that it resists all external forces acting on the dam like water pressure, wind pressure, wave pressure, ice pressure, uplift pressure by its own self-weight.

What is the difference between gravity dam and earthen dam?

An Earth (Embankment) Dam is just that – a wall of soil, sand, clay and rock that has been compacted to form a retaining structure behind which water can accumulate. A gravity dam is usually much larger and made of concrete. It relies on its weight to resist the horizontal pressure of water behind it.

What is very critical about gravity dams?

What is very critical about gravity dams? Explanation: All the forces arising in a gravity dam as due to the thrust of the impounded water and the massive weight of the dam material- are assumed to be directly transmitted to the foundation rocks. Hence the strength of the foundation rocks is the most critical factor.

Which of the following is the only modern dam that has failed?

Which of the following is the only modern dam that has failed? Explanation: Vega de Tera Dam in Spain was wrecked by heavy rains resulting in the failure of the structure due to faulty design and poor construction. The koyna dam in India was on the verge of failure due to earthquake (in 1968).

What are the three types of slope failure?

There are many types of slope failure. downslope movement of rock debris and soil in response to gravitational stresses. Three major types of mass wasting are classified by the type of downslope movement: falls, slides, and flows.

What is piping in dam?

Internal erosion (called “piping” by dam engineers) of an earth dam takes place when water that seeps through the dam carries soil particles away from the embankment, filters, drains, foundation or abutments of the dam. … When a backward-eroding pipe reaches the reservoir, a catastrophic breaching of the dam can occur.

What causes a slope to fail?

Slope failures occur when driving forces overcome resisting forces. The driving force is typically gravity, and the resisting force is the slope material’s shear strength. … Weathered geology: Weak, weathered bedrock, jointed rock, or bedrock that dips parallel to the slope can decrease stability.

Why does the soil side slope fail?

1. Erosion: The wind and flowing water causes erosion of top surface of slope and makes the slope steep and thereby increase the tangential component of driving force. 2. Steady Seepage: Seepage forces in the sloping direction add to gravity forces and make the slope susceptible to instability.

What are the types of slope failure?

Soil slope failures are generally of four types :Translational Failure.Rotational Failure.Wedge Failure.Compound Failure.

What are the causes of failure of earthen dam?

Causes of Failure of. Earthen Dams.Hydraulic failures.(a) By over topping.(b) Erosion of upstream face.(c) Cracking due to frost action.(d) Erosion of downstream face by gully formation.(e) Erosion of the down stream toe.Seepage Failures.More items…

Which is the longest dam in India?

Hirakud DamHidden Worlds And Stories Of Progress At Hirakud Dam, Odisha. Hirakud is the longest earthen Dam in the world and stands across the mighty river, Mahanadi, in the Sambalpur region of Odisha. It was the first major multipurpose river valley project after India’s Independence in 1947.

What is highest gravity dam?

The tallest gravity dam is the 285 m (935 ft) high Grande Dixence Dam in Switzerland. … The highest natural dam, the 567 m (1,860 ft) Usoi Dam in Tajikistan, is 262 m (860 ft) higher than the highest existing man-made one.

What is phreatic line in earth dam?

The top flow line of a saturated soil mass below which seepage takes place, is called the Phreatic line. … This line separates a saturated soil mass from an unsaturated soil mass. It is not an equipotential line, but a flow line. For an earthen dam, the phreatic line approximately assumes the shape of a parabola.

How do you stabilize slopes?

Slopes can be stabilized by adding a surface cover to the slope, excavating and changing (or regrading) the slope geometry, adding support structures to reinforce the slope or using drainage to control the groundwater in slope material.

What is the most critical condition of slide of the U S Slope *?

When the embankment slopes are too steep for the strength of the soil, they may slide causing dam failure. The most critical condition of the slide of the u/s slope is the sudden draw-down of water-level in the reservoir (Fig.

What are slope failures?

A slope failure is a phenomenon that a slope collapses abruptly due to weakened self-retainability of the earth under the influence of a rainfall or an earthquake. Because of sudden collapse of slope, many people fail to escape from it if it occurs near a residential area, thus resulting in a higher rate of fatalities.

How do you fix a hillside slip?

Cover bare soil on hillsides with erosion-control netting, which comes in rolls that you simply unroll from top to bottom and pin in place with stakes. … Break the steep slope into several level terraces supported with retaining walls made from stone or landscape timbers stacked no more than 3 feet high.More items…